Rakuko Naito
torn paper, 2008
45-3/4 x 35-3/4 inches


Born in Tokyo, Japan
B.F.A.  Tokyo National University of Art.  Tokyo, Japan.  1958
Resident of New York City since 1958


Material, Shape and Texture:

My Interest has been always shape and texture, shape of geometry and shape of nature.

Materials I choose are mostly organic natural materials. Paper, metal or sometimes pieces of woods.

I feel natural forms and textures have a reality that can not be competed by trying to paint or drawn by hand.  I try to experiment and manipulate materials to create my own world.

I don’t try to tell stories of politics or social problems, my concern is purely art and visual stimulation.


Solo Exhibitions

1965   World House Gallery, New York City.
1965   North Truro Art Gallery, Massachusetts.
1972   Henri Gallery, Washington D.C.
1978   Charleston Art Museum of Sunrise, West Virginia.
1981   Akira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.
1982   Gimpel+Hanover & Andre Emmerich Galerien, Zurich.
1992   Sakura Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.
2001   Denise Cade Gallery, New York City.
2003   Galerie Renate Bender, Munich, Germany.
2003   Tamada Project, Tokyo, Japan.
2004   “Art Paris” by Denise Cade Gallery, Paris.
2007   Galerie Renate Bender, Munich, Germany.
2009   Permutation-Variant-Structure: Curated by Elisabeth Akkerman,
Maiden Lane exhibition space,  New York City
2009   NOMA GALLERY, San Francisco, CA

Group Exhibitions

1962   Jerald Morris International Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1964   Southampton Art Gallery East, New York City.
1964   “Old Hundred” Opening Exhibition. The Larry Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conn.
1964   Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.
1964   “Mortion & Movement” The Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1965   “Five Painters” Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
1966   “Black & White” Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, Conn.
1974   “Tokyo International Biennale” Tokyo, Japan.
1979   Nancy Roth Gallery, Katonah, New York.
1980   “An American Flower Show” Curated by J. Frederic Cain. Heritage Plantation, Sandwich, Massachusetts.
1984   Robert Brown Contemporary Art, Washington D.C.
1987   “In the Natural World” Olympia & York, Park Ave Atrium, New York City.
1993   “A Moment Becomes Eternity” Curated by Michael Walls. Bergen Museum, NJ.
1994   Sakura Gallery.  Nagoya, Japan.
1999   Galerie Renate Bender, Munich, Germany.
2000   “Perceptions: Solitude Shared” Salena Gallery, Long Island University, New York.
2002   “20 Years Anniversary Show” Denise Cade Gallery, New York City.
2002   “Samadhi” Curated by Robert C. Morgan.  Chelsea Art Museum. NYC.
2004   “Resounding Spirit”  the Gibson Gallery, State University of NY at Potsdam, NY.
2004   “Monocromos, Variaciones Sobre El Tema” Curated by Barbara Rose. Museo Nacional Centre De Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.
2005   “Neutral” The Lab Gallery at Roger Smith, Curated by Robert C. Morgan. NYC.
2005   “Papier=Kunst 5” Neuen Kunstvereins Aschaffenburg, Germany.
2005   “Horsefeathers Etc..” Curated by Thalia Vrachopoulos, Tenri Foundation,    NYC.
2006   “Honest Echo” Curated by J. Grace Rim, 2X13 Gallery, New York  City.
2007   “Papierwelten” Galerie Renate Bender. Munich, Germany.
2007   “Optic Nerve: Perceptual Art of the 1960s” Curated by Joe Houston, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio.
2007   “Optical Edge” Curated by Robert C. Morgan, Pratt Institute Gallery, NYC.
2008   “New American Abstraction 1960-‘75” Gary Snyder Project Space, NYC.
2008-9 “The winter Salon – Works on Paper” Bjorn Ressle Gallery, NYC
2009   International Women Artists’ Biennale at Incheon, Korea.


Public Collections

The Larry Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conn.
Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, Florida.
Kemper Art Collection, Chicago, Illinois.
Roland Gibson Art Foundation, State University at Potsdam, New York.
Wellesley College Davis Museum, Wellesley, Mass.



2008    560 Broadway A New York Drawing Collection at Work,1991-2006
Yale University Art Gallery.
2007    Galerie Renate Bender, Munich, Germany. Catalog by Elisabeth Clauss.
2007    The Optical Edge, Pratt Manhattan Gallery.  By Robert C. Morgan
2007    Optic Nerve Perceptual Art of the 1960s.  Columbus Museum of Art. By Joe Houston & Dave Hickey.
2005    Papier = Kunst 5.  Neuen Kunstvereins, Aschaffenburg, Germany.
By Elisabeth Clauss.
2005    Horsefathers Etc., Tenri Foundation, NYC.  By Thalia Vrachopoulos.
2004    Monocromos, Variaciones Sobre El Tema.  Museo Nacional Centre De Arte,
Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.  By Barbara Rose.
2004    Resounding Spirit.  Japanese Contemporary Art of the 1960s.
State University of NY at Potsdam, NY.  By Reiko Tomii & Ming Tiampo.
2001    Art Press (April) by Robert C. Morgan.
2001    Tema Celeste (May-June) Intimate Art by Robert C. Morgan.
1992    Sakura Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.  Catalog.
1981    Akira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.  Catalog by J. Frederick Cain.
1980    An American Flower Show.  Heritage Plantation, Sandwich, Mass.
By J. Frederick Cain.
1978    The Charleston Gazette July 19.  Charleston, W. VA.
1978    Charleston Daily Mail July 5.  Charleston, W. VA.
1974    Tokyo International Biennale. New Image in Painting.  Tokyo, Japan.
By Teruo Fujieda.
1964    Motion & Movement.  The Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.
1964    Old Hundred.  The Larry Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conn.

Artist Residence

2003 Invitation by The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Bethany, Conn.