GEORGI TUSHEV (1969, Bulgarian)

Lives and works in New York City

"Georgi Tushev's series of oil paintings are not figurative depictions of strange attractors, but are instead a play on the concept. He applies pigments containing iron or cobalt to canvas in the presence of a magnetic field. The resulting three-dimensional structures reflect the contours of the field lines. In his artist statement, Tushev writes, The build-up of iron standing out like a punk haircut in my work is the result of chance. In other words, exact outcomes of experiments cannot be predicted, the best we can do is to predict the probability that any given outcome may occur. Ambiguously resembling petals, tentacles, blast marks or craters, Tushev's work evokes the statistical self-similarity that characterizes so many things in the natural world, as well as the enigmas of chance" October 21 2006 Charlotte Mittnacht


2000 Residency program, Santa Fe Art Institute
1997 MA, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia
1996 Master Class of Painting with Markus Lupertz, Amsterdam

Solo shows

2012 Ace of Spades Fitzroy Gallery, New York
2012 Strange Attractor NY/LA, Santa Monica Museum of Art, CA
2009 Uncertainty Principle NOMA Gallery, San Francisco
1999 Painting XXL Gallery, Sofia
1998 My Body Paints XXL Gallery, Sofia
1997 Dark Chamber XXL Gallery, Sofia
1995 Real Unreal ATA Gallery, Sofia

Selected Group Shows

2012 Lucie Fontaine: Estate Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York
2011 The Proposal Bulgarian Consulate, New York
2011 Temporary Status IMI, Corona, Queens, New York
2011 5 Minutes Art Sofia, Bulgaria
2010 Arcadian Night, Berkshires, MA
2010 Mish Mash NOMA Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2009 In Search of Light The Plaza, Brooklyn, New York
2009 Nightmare Full of Things Unspeakable Concept V, New York 
2004 Gym Show 508 W 26 St, New York 
2000 Antifeminismo/Antimachismo XXL Gallery, Sofia
2000 New Radical Practices Wittgenstein Haus, Vienna
1999 Bacillus Bulgarikum Art M-6 Gallery, Riga, Latvia
1999 Nova Ikonologia XXL Gallery, Sofia
1998 Gangst Art XXL Gallery, Sofia


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