Undulation Zone


Saturday, September 18th 3pm and 8 pm

September 19th 8pm





N O M A Gallery projects presents another episode in
the n o m a i n b e t w e e n series: "Undulation Zone". Joshua Kit Clayton invites you for a group engagement with a focus on the seasick nature of existence.

A theoretical lecture, followed by directed group movement to an abstract soundtrack, followed by "open socializing", it butt-splices the rational with the non-rational with confusion in words, action, and reflection, ...forming an amorphous, though regimented experience. As it is limited to a small group of 10-20 people per event, participants should RSVP for one of the available events. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to move about the floor.

Sessions are as follow:
Saturday, September 18th 3pm
Saturday, September 18th 8pm
Sunday, September 19th 8pm

Joshua Kit Clayton is an artist, musician, and computer programmer, living and working in San Francisco. He is a graduate of the Bard College MFA program in Film/Video. He produces dance music for post-rave casualties both on his own and in the band Pigeon Funk. He is responsible for the development of Jitter, a video and 3d graphics extension to Cycling '74's Max visual programming environment. His performance and video based projects explore communication, speculation, value, directive, and the space between artist and audience.