JANUARY 8, 2011





N O M A Gallery Projects presents the newest installment of "the videoh0le project", 99x9.1 by Sarrita Hunn.

This video is the first in a series of nine animations. This series, 99x9, is inspired by VJ culture Hunn experienced while living in Berlin where video projections are regularly used to transform unused spaces into temporary multimedia experiences. This series has two variables: a German sketchbook that is 10 x 10cm and contains one hundred pages and a set of nine markers that represent the current commercial idea of a ‘rainbow’ or spectrum of colors plus black. These two variables are used to make nine sets of ninety-nine drawings. Each drawing set is scanned and used to produce a variety of projects including a looping animation, a series of paintings and a set of flags.

99x9.1 seeks to engage questions about drawing in relationship to space over time and, here in the videoh0le like those temporary spaces in Berlin, activates the potential of a dynamic, yet visually minimal and generally unconsidered space.

Sarrita Hunn is an artist and current resident at The Luminary Center for the Arts in Saint Louis, Missouri. She attended graduate school at California College of the Arts and was a participant of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture program. Her work has been exhibited through the United States and abroad including SHO Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and The Berlin Office in Berlin, Germany.

99x9.2 will be presented by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art (Thrapston, UK) as part of their new upcoming online exhibition series.