MAY 2 -
MAY 24, 2009





Opening reception: Saturday, May 2nd 2009, from 6 to 9 pm


THE MASHUP SHOW ART WILL EAT ITSELF takes its cue from David Quantick’s assertion that “pop will eat itself” in an NME magazine article. Stating that since pop music simply recycles good ideas continuously, a perfect pop song could be written by combining the best of the best from these ideas into one song. The most popular echo of this phenomenon manifests itself in the ongoing mashup music genre. This genre is known for coliding songs that would seemingly have nothing to do with one another and subsequently creating a whole new song as the outcome of this encounter.

By bringing together disparate works in the same physical space, The Mashup Show intends to question/investigate these momentary bouts of cognitive disorganization experienced through our current cycles of cultural consumption and production. As the combination of multiple sources of media, mashups maintain a clear formal and ideological tie to musique concrète and Burrough's cut-ups. They have, however, evolved. Now, materializing through the filter of an arsenal of shareware and software in the realms of video, web application hybrids and digital recombinant works, cultural production is at an all time high yielding an ouroboros of cultural production and consumption. However, rather than producing a vision of perfection as theorized by Quantick, something else emerges.

This show aims to examine through mirroring, the phenomena engendered by Mashups as a process of layered production. By bringing it out into our physical world and applying this modus operandi of consumption to a gallery show, The Mashup Show is attempting to shift idealized relationships between art works themselves as well as with the space containing them.

THE MASHUP SHOW was organized by Marcella Faustini with curatorial advice from the all-around-general-muses and animal handlers of the Nightmare City Council (now offering teenage sleuthing).

Artists included in the show are: Chester Zemany, Jim Chimney, Zachary Scholz, Evie Falci, Ellen Black, S. Clay Wilson, Bonnie Banks, Donna Huanca, Jessica Miller, Aron Meynell, Jim Osbourne, Tony Dryer, Melinda Gebbie, Rory Hayes, Jim Haynes, Michelle Ceja, Nikolai Atanassov, Melinda Gebbie, Scotty Enderle, Anne Colvin, Piero Passacantando,Carl Auge, Aoife Collins, Samuel Roeck, Tyrone Davies, Christine Kesler, Susan Harby, Joshua Curchill, Georgi Tushev, Charles Anselmo, Alex Lukas, Erin Allen, Skye Thorstensen, Jon Read, Mark Milene, Poppy Golland, Jared Paolini, Sarah Milinski,Michelle Guintu, Museum of Viral Memory, Irina Kononova, Kosyo Minchev, Adam Blue, Nightmare City(Keturah Cummings+Carol Anne McChrystal), Jared Paolini, Sarah Milinski, Hawk Alfredson.