organized by:

Margaret Lee

MARCH 17 -
APRIL 16, 2011




Opening reception: Thursday, March 17, from 7 to 9 pm

N O M A Gallery is pleased to present "HOW DO YOU DO"

All works 5 x 7", archival pigment prints, edition size varies.

The two photos that feature potato(es) were the first in this ongoing series, taken during the de-installation of an exhibition initiated with Michele Abeles and Darren Bader at White Columns (1/10).  When invited to curate a 179 Canal exhibition at White Columns (10/10), the project continued, though taking photos during de-installation was no longer possible; the period (5/09 - 6/10) was over and the exhibitions/performances long gone.  In the studio, subjective recreations of the past were stage and photographed (solo) to be interspersed within the larger curatorial project.  In order: Loveless Marriages (Anicka Yi/Josh Kline), Betteraves Club (Margaret Lee/Emily Sundblad), TV Show (Antoine Catala), Bedroom w TV and a Woman Lays w Aide (Yemenwed), Kaya (Kerstin Brätsch/Debo Eiliers), (Alisa Baremboym/Thomas Torres Cordova), (Caitlin Keogh/Graham Anderson), It’s Déjà vu All Over Again (Devon Dikeou), Moving Shapes and Colors (curated by Brian Droitcour), Guilty Feet (organized by Tova Carlin/Colby Bird), Nobodies New York (organized by Josh Kline) -- all works 2010

Continuation only seemed plausible if collaboration replaced appropriation.  Continued in order: K. Mustermann/Margaret Lee, 10 Tips for Painting Your Miami Home; Amy Lien/Margaret Lee, Canal Street Surrealism; Josh Kline/Margaret Lee, Surrogate Thirsts; Alisa Baremboym/Margaret Lee, Delicatessen; Gregory Edwards/Margaret Lee, Buddies; Anicka Yi/Margaret Lee, Keyhole of Speculative Frenzy (eBay shoot #0012), Antoine Catala/Margaret Lee, -- all works 2010.

Forward and conclusion, the project is open ended and will be revisited whenever.  Recently: Jared Madere/Margaret Lee, Secret Nite Noodle Mood; Bird and Andrei Koschmieder (solo), Andrei Koschmieder/Margaret Lee, Squishy Pink and Cute Red; Michele Abeles/Margaret Lee, Watermelon Boot; Ajay Kurian/Margaret Lee, Darren’s Chair -- all works 2011.

Thank You,
Margaret Lee
S.F., 2011

Margaret Lee (b. Bronx, NY 1980) is an artist/curator based in New York.  She has curated and exhibited at White Columns, X Initiative, and Performa 09 (all NYC) as well as abroad.  She founded 179 Canal in 2009 and programmed the space until its closure in 2010 and is currently working on her new collaborative project, 47 Canal.  For more information, please visit or      


MARCH 16th