Cureted by:
Liz Wing

JUNE 17 -
JULY 23, 2011




Opening reception: Friday June 17, from 6 to 8 pm

N O M A Gallery is pleased to present "Chromaticism", a group show curated by Liz Wing. This show combines the work of four artists, all of whom have distinctly different practices but whose work evokes cross-sensory effects. Synesthetic experience has long been a significant aspect of both visual art and music, and while some artists have explicitly examined relationships between color and tone, the relationship in general between sound and image is an implicitly acknowledged part of both making and experiencing art. Here, again, four artists whose work works in other senses:

Elijah Burgher's sigil drawings combine colored forms and figures that evoke both geometry and the written word. The residual index of queer magik, they offer an appearance of a specific hidden message but without strict sense, degenerating into visual glossolalia.

James Chronister's paintings express an optical effect created by their intensive technical production. The viewer discerns form and space in a field of what is essentially white noise; the sound resonates by degree with each moment attuned to the piece.

Richard Kent Howie's ink and pencil drawings use magazine pages as a palimpsest for loose and playful kaleidoscopic markings. Layered abstract forms over photographs and text suggest the murmuring of cultural ruins.

Cybele Lyle's digital projections & prints use architectural language to model imaginary, idealized, queer spaces. The works become both discrete and immersive environments for the viewer to analyze or inhabit; in the latter state, environmental noise becomes part of the work.

About the curator: Liz Wing is a writer who lives and works in San Francisco. She has been affiliated with The Brooklyn Rail, Artist’s Television Access, SFMOMA, The Field Museum, MIT List Visual Arts Center, the Harvard Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, The Luggage Store Gallery, and Printed Matter NYC. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and the Baltimore School for the Arts.